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Şifacılar & Otantik Rehberler Geçidi

…müzisyenler, etnik gruplar ve dj’ler eşliğinde.

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  • Will there be translators for foreign artists?
    Yes, there will be Turkish translation for all foreign names in our festival.
  • How many people will Kökler and Dallar (Roots and Branches) Healing Festival host?
    We are organizing a festival for approximately 450 people with our artists, guides, musicians, team and participants.
  • Will there be individual and group sessions besides the main event and workshops?
    Yes, it will be possible to get individual or group sessions from many of our artists and guides. These sessions are subject to special pricing.
  • Will there be shamanic ceremonies?
    Yes, during the festival, sacred ceremonies such as tobacco, cocoa, kambo and üzerlik, including light herbal healing, will take a special place. You can get information during the festival.
  • Will there be a Marketplace?
    Yes, we will have a marketplace at the festival site where products and services are offered. If you would like to rent a stand here or leave your products at our festival store, you can contact us via e-mail.
  • This is my first time attending such a festival. Will I have difficulties?
    You are welcome! As in the motto of our festival; 'People like you, Your tribe…' You will be welcomed with joy, embraced with love, and your always-supportive tribe will be there waiting for you.🙂
  • I have a small child/baby. Can we attend the festival together?
    At our festival, there will be DJ performances and bonfires until late at night. Of course, you can participate by taking the loud sound into consideration for your child :)
  • Can I attend the festival with my dog?
    There are many different breeds of dogs in the area. If you think your dog can adapt to this situation and won't be a problem, you can join our festival with your paw-friend.
  • Is there phone and internet reception in the area?
    Yes, it there is.






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