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"On the edge of the forest… Immerse in a fountain of experiences, nurturing your spirit, soothing your heart and expanding your horizons…"

28 August

- 01 September 



A Beautiful Nature Near Istanbul


Your Tribe

Five transformative days that open your heart, cleanse your body, and awaken your mind... Perhaps even more... Have you ever felt the sense of being part of a vast tribe, bathed in light? A global tribe... Where souls like yours unite, where you find your kin...

The long-awaited gathering we've dreamed of for 5 years is finally happening! Guided by the wisdom of our Czech family of friends and enriched by years of our own experiences... With a diverse array of healing artists and facilitators, this festival will transform into a passage of masters, where we'll rise with live performances and dance music on this conscious journey. With so much love, we eagerly prepare this journey for our people and friends from countries all around!







HF DJ_edited.jpg

 Ecstatic Dance







kuş 01_edited.png

From Us

Thank you!

Parade of Gifted Healers & Facilitators

kuş 02_edited.png

...and of course, accompanied by musicians, original bands, and DJs. Whom you see now are the first names joining our tribe from 6 different countries. They are the foundational pillars of our dome...


As ticket sales waves begin, new names will gradually join our lineup of artists. Don't miss out on the best ticket deals we'll soon announce, including the unveiling of 4 new names. Secure your spot at the festival soon!

Bijay J. Anand.png

Bijay J. Anand (IN)

Kundalini Activation


julia acacia.png

Julia Akacia (DE)

Tantric Healing Rituals

Kalavahana Ceremony


Umut Fırat Eroğlu (TR)

Shaman Rituals

Spirit's Technology


Earth Jam (HU)

Electro Ethnic Concert

Acoustic Sessions

kata son_edited.jpg

Katalin Sirisant (HU)

Kundalini Practices

Feminine & Masculine Alignment

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-12 at 7.10.23 PM.jpeg

Anna Vašinová (CZ) 

Emotion Release & Meditations 

veronika allister.png

Veronika Allister (CZ)

Bio Hacking & Wim Hof

dj native mind.png

DJ Native Mind (SL)

Ecstatic Dance

Tickets Coming Soon!

We initially began unveiling the festival to our Kökler ve Dallar followers, our tribe, and those in our inner circles. Tickets will soon be released in three waves.

Prior to the commencement of the 1st Ticket Wave, The Initial 88 Tickets featuring a "Special Tribe Discount", will be available for purchase for a limited period of 4 days.

Enter your email, join us, and seize the greatest deal before it's gone!

Thank you!

The Original 'Healing Festival'

In 2017, the 'Healing Festival' embarked on its journey with 300 participants in the city of Brno, Czech Republic, pioneering the recognition of this new festival genre. It is among the first organizations bringing to life the concept of healing festivals in Europe and around the globe. Since the first year of its creation when our shaman guide Umut Fırat joined the family, the festival has grown each year since its inception, with an increasing number of facilitators, artists, healers, and participants. Last year, Healing Festival welcomed approximately 3500 attendees. This year, in collaboration with Kökler ve Dallar (Roots and Branches) Turkey, Healing Festival begins its international expansion for the first time.. 

For more information: // @healingfestival

This year's Healing Festival in the Czech Republic will take place on August 07 - 11, 2024

in Zamecky Park, the garden of an ancient castle.