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Embrace the healing
as you discover


August 28th - September 1st, 2024

Thank You!

A journey of self-discovery through healing experiences...

Shamanic teachings and experiences make it easier for you to live connected with life and in harmony with nature. You can discover with us the ways that help the soul, mind and body heal. 



We meet in retreats to focus on inner work, educational practices, private matters and experience different vibrations.


To serve healthy food, We love to have a good time and to practice. For private studies, we open a calm and focused space.



Being in the woods and nature means home for us, and it's the same for you... We meet in the green halls and chat next to the cool waters. 


In addition to shamanic rituals, our camps include workshops and practices specific to our themes. 



The beauty and satisfaction of innovating yourself... 


Teachings that will make it easier to live a full and meaningful life ve tutorials for those who take the road seriously...

We are preparing to implement a platform where online studies will be offered in 2023.

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Join the Circle

Everyone who attends our events and retreats is part of our tribe. We also have a family; our artists, healers and team... you can be a part of both. 

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