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Our events

Meetings in the festival aura, deep retreats and circles that gather creative-spirited people and create a space for sharing and experience.



Spring, Summer, Autumn

Spirit of the Forest

Turkey's first Shamanic Healing Meeting, which we have been organizing since 2016. 

Call of the Jungle

A mystical story, The Call of the Jungle. It is an adventure where more than 300 people come together in its last meeting and meet the goodness of nature.

Heart of the Forest

A heart-softening and compassionate outdoor retreat where we re-feel the warmth of the tribe.


Autumn, Winter, Spring

When the seasons show the time to turn inward, we retreat to retreats that open a meeting place with ourselves in a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Return to Yourself

Shaman's Awakening

Universal Ascension



Summer Winter

Meetings, conversations, concerts and healing circles in the city. To the togetherness...

Shamanic Healing Circle

Deep Healing Circle

Light Hearts Dance Ritual

Women's Circles

Private Circles

Ascension Circle

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